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Let Us put Your Recreational Vehicle Ad in front of Millions of RV Shoppers. ads are placed on a network of other Classified Web Sites that have over 26 Million visits per Month (Must be at least 90 day ad). That means that every ad placed on this web site can be viewed by over 850,000 people per Day. Ads Placed for Less than 90 Days will only be placed on

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Our Guarantee!

We are so Sure that we can Sell Your RV, that if You purchase a 90 Day (or Longer) Featured Ad, and your RV does not sell before the end of the Ad, We will give you another 180 days at no additional Cost! The Green on the Table Below indicates the ads that are Covered By our Guarantee and the ads that are Placed on the Network of Other web sites.

That is 6 Months FREE!

Length of Ad
Price for Standard Ad
Additional for featured Ad
Additional for Web Site Link in Ad
20 Days
35 Days
90 Days
180 Days
365 Days

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